Artistic girls complete Ninja Week and Olympic trials… and now it’s Bake-Off time!

SOUTH ESSEX’S Artistic girls saw have seen their training programme freshened up this summer with a number of themed weeks – and this week it is The Great British Bake Off.

The elite squads coached by Caron Notton and Leah Hickton have already been put through their paces with a Ninja-inspired programme (pictured above) and Olympic week (pictured below).

Gymnasts aged seven to 17, and including Olympic medallist Amy Tinkler, have been taking part by wearing different costumes and using props to produced choreographed displays.

Senior Coach Caron said:  “It is something we do on Saturday mornings and it is just something fun to do during the holidays.

“We set up a Ninja course for them one week and had them wearing the face paint, and for the Olympics we had them doing javelin, discus  and even long distance running!

“We have competitions and prizes and it has just freshened up their training environment ahead of the competitions they have got coming up.”