South Essex’s team behind the team

SOUTH ESSEX’S growing success story is only made possible by the team behind the team.

While the Basildon-based club’s international standard gymnasts and coaches rightly earn deserved acclaim, there are six stalwart members of the office team who look after an operation with nearly 28,000 registered members.

Under the guidance of admin manager Natasha Poulter, full time administrators Paula Bevan and Maria Williams, and part-time colleagues Tori Chipps, Nicola Short and Holly Adams oversee a club which blossomed after the London 2012 Olympics.

And Natasha, who joined the team in November 2011 to run an office which is open seven days a week, admits it is a challenge with a waiting list of up to 14 months for services such as their popular Gym School.

Natasha Poulter
Natasha Poulter

She said: “There was no waiting list when I arrived so it has certainly exploded.

“One of the most important things we do is making sure we match our members with the right services, and we also have to keep the financial side of things in good order.

“It is hard work but it is also a lot of fun and it really helps that the six of us genuinely get on and are a really close team.”

South Essex’s director of coaching Scott Hann said: “The club has gone from strength to strength in recent years but that has only been made possible by the hard work of Natasha and her team.

“They are our unsung heroes but we know how important they all are and are very grateful for their support.”