SEGC duo qualify for East region grades final

OLIVIA Cartwright and Darcie Loman have qualified for the Eastern Region Club Grades final at the Pipers Vale club in Ipswich on April 13.

The South Essex Gymnastics Club members both finished on the podium at the Essex County Club Grades 14-9 meeting in late February.

Olivia took the silver medal in the Grade 14 (10-year-olds and over) category with a score of 61.60.

And Darcie claimed bronze in the Grade 10 (12-year-olds and over) section with a score of 44.15.

The duo’s success capped a fine showing from all 35 girls from South Essex at the county competition in Colchester.

Full South Essex results from Essex County Club Grades 14-9 meeting:

Grade 14 (8/9 age group). Passes with distinction: Elise De Boos, Holly McDonagh, Eve Page, Charlotte Cassidy, Sarah Coker, Teagan Newcombe, Billie Masser, Darcy Fraser, Jessica Haycock, Hannah Campbell, Ruby Miller and Tegan Hannaford.

Grade 14 (10+ age group). Passes with distinction: Olivia Cartwright, Hilary Omoroghomwan, Grace Barfoot, Eloise Booty, Isobel Setford.

Grade 13 (9/10 age group). Passes with distinction: Isobel Arnold, Tyler Barnard, Madison Jennings, Vivan Jaiyesimi.

Grade 12 (12+ age group). Pass: Isabelle Hamilton. Competed: Olivia Quennell.

Grade 12 (10/11 age group). Passes with distinction: Ellie Bates, Jemimah Allen. Passes: Raniah John, Katie Grange, Grace Dalton.

Grade 11 (12+ age group). Passes with distinction, Abigail Bradley, Lydia Power. Pass: Emma Reid.

Grade 10 (12+ age group). Passes: Darcie Loman, Robynne Denholm, Rebecca Manning, Sophie Goodman.