MANY South Essex girls won medals at the Essex Recreational Apparatus Championship in Colchester and qualified with a top four place for this month’s regional final.


Ages 8-9:
VAULT: 1st Phoebe Allen, 2nd Isabel Dowson, 3rd Francesca White, 4th Ruby Rose Carr, 4th Tallulah Brown.
BARS: 1st Ruby Rose Carr, 2nd Olivia Woods, 3rd Kristi Mia Walker.
BEAM: 1st Ellie Dorman, 2nd Rachel Lattimer, 4th Olivia Woods.
FLOOR: 1st Rachel Lattimer, 2nd Kristi Mia Walker, 3rd Ruby Rose Carr, 4th Olivia Woods.
Other SEGC competitors: Tallulah Brown, Florence Wardle Tomlin, Amber-Rae Danniells, Katie Rose Hawtree, Elizabeth Phillips, Illiana Rivas, Sophie Cleaver, Evelyn Omodeni, Chloe Allen, Starr Perry.

Ages 10-11:
VAULT: 2nd Anabelle Baker.
BARS: 1st Caitlin Collins, 2nd Francesca Taiani, 3rd Isabelle Ebsworth.
BEAM: 2nd Annabelle Baker, 3rd Jasmin Carr.
Other SEGC competitors: Jasmine Carr, Daisy Dumontier-Marriage, Evie Ridges, Ellie Oakes, Tiger Lily House, Louisa Williams, Bella Bailey, Tegan Partis, Georgia Stuart Evans,

Ages 12-15:
FLOOR: 2nd Cleo Edgell, 4th Mia Brien.
BEAM: 1st Mia Brien, 2nd Jodie Scales, 3rd Anna Kisil.
VAULT: 1st Laurn Hill, 2nd Mia Brien.
BARS: 1st Maisy Cockerill, 2nd Bethan Turvey, 2nd Anna Kisil, 2nd Jodie Scales.
Other SEGC competitors: Fern Watts, Jaden Acton, Ellie Cowell, Poppy Richardson, Emma Hounsell, Hannah Jackson, Tigan Renshaw, Isabelle Urand and Maddie Collier.

Ages 16-19: Elizabeth Bradley 1st vault, 2nd bars, 3rd floor and 1st beam.