SEGC Director of Coaching Scott Hann releases updated guidance for parents and members on coronavirus measures

SEGC’s Director of Coaching Scott Hann has today (March 17) sent out the following message in regards to the coronavirus outbreak:

Dear Parents/Members,

The UK have now entered an unprecedented period which will see a profound change in how we all live our lives due to the spread of coronavirus. The consequences of these decisions are far reaching, and we suspect will not fully be realised for some time as this situation continues to develop.

SEGC are continuing to follow the government’s staged guidelines and directions with regards to the coronavirus outbreak, and British Gymnastics’ updates on the situation.

British Gymnastics has confirmed that all national events will be cancelled, and other home nation and regional events will follow in line with the national governing body’s procedure.

The current guidance for British gymnastics clubs is we should remain as normal until otherwise instructed, and that parents can make the personal choice over whether to send their children to sessions.

In light of the recommendations, we will continue to implement the following changes:

* any gymnast or visitor to the club with any pre-existing medical condition which may put you at increased risk of contracting the virus should stay away from the club.

* anyone (including gymnasts/parents/siblings/staff) showing signs/symptoms of the virus should self-isolate for 14 days along with all other members of their household.

* anyone who has been travelling abroad recently and returned to the UK should self-isolate for 14 days.

We would encourage parents of junior school age children and above to treat the club as you would a school and drop your children off and leave them in our care until you pick them up. If using the reception, please ensure you wash your hands before entering.

We will be cleaning all communal areas of the gym regularly with disinfectant spray, paying particular attention to areas such as door handles, high traffic surfaces, card machines and all pieces of gymnastics equipment.

We continue to encourage good hand hygiene, and all gymnasts will be expected to wash their hands upon arrival at the club, and after visiting the toilet.

Appropriate cough/sneeze etiquette is also encouraged, and these should be caught in a tissue and then discarded in the bin.

Gym School gymnasts will be entering the gym via the creche and will be asked to wash their hands before they enter.

Pre-School and Circus gymnastics will continue as normal, but parents and gymnasts will need to continue with the extra hygiene precautions in place.

All existing party bookings will continue to be honoured until further notice.

Should circumstances change and more information is released by either the Government or British Gymnastics which may affect the status of the club, we will be in contact with anyone whose bookings are directly affected to discuss moving forwards at that time.

We understand that fees for gymnastics may be considered a ‘luxury item’ and that this may be something you consider stopping paying for during this difficult time, with the intention of reinstating it at a later date.

However, should too many of our members cancel their payments, it could put us in a very difficult position financially.

Should a temporary closure of the club be required due to a forced Government shutdown then we will make a decision at that point regarding fees.

In the meantime, the club is still having to meet its ongoing regular financial commitments so we kindly request that you continue to keep your direct debit in place and continue to pay your fees as normal to support the club.

Thank you so much for your co-operation at this uncertain time.

Scott Hann MBE,
SEGC Director of Coaching.