Rhythmic girls impress in League and Grade events in Stoke

THERE were some terrific results for South Essex’s rhythmic girls who were in Group League and National Grade Finals action at Fenton Manor this month (June 2-4).

The results included a third place finish for the club’s Pink Group in the Elite Junior Group League.

There was also a first place for Rachel Lattimer with the Ball at Grade 7 over the weekend of competition in Stoke-on-Trent.

SEGC’s Head of Rhythmic Gymnastics, Verity Adams, said: “We had a fantastic competition with both individuals and groups.”


Elite Group League – Round One

Espoir: Rainbow Group 6th, Purple Group 7th.

Elite Junior: Pink Group 3rd.

Senior Group League: Senior Group 4th.

National Group League – Round One

Blue Group 15th.

National Grade Finals:

Grade 4 – Free: Neve Turvey 5th, Milana Bernans 7th. Hoop: Neve Turvey 8th, Milana Bernans 16th. Overall: Neve Turvey 6th, Milana Bernans 14th.

Grade 5 – Free: Isobel Connah 16th. Ball: Isobel Connah 22nd. Overall: Isobel Connah 20th.

Grade 6 – Rope: Josslyn Miller 4th. Ball: Josslyn Miller 11th. Overall: Josslyn Miller 7th.

Grade 7 – Ball: Rachel Lattimer 1st, Evie Savage 7th. Clubs: Evie Savage 6th, Rachel Lattimer 7th. Overall: Rachel Lattimer 4th, Evie Savage 6th.

Grade 9 – Ribbon: Jade Woollard 7th, Connie Miller 21st. Ball: Connie Miller 10th, Jade Woollard 12th. Clubs: Jade Woollard 2nd, Connie Miller 10th. Overall: Jade Woollard 6th, Connie Miller 14th.

Grade 10 – Clubs: Rebecca Wright 7th. Hoop: Rebecca Wright 13th. Ball: Rebecca Wright 11th. Overall: Rebecca Wright 9th.

Grade 10 Disability – Hoop: Katie O’Conner 1st. Ball: Katie O’Conner 1st. Clubs: Katie O’Conner 1st.