UPDATE – Return to training for our recreational members

Director of Coaching Scott Hann makes an announcement for our recreational members on their return to training plan

Dear Parents / Guardians / Gymnasts,

After several weeks of planning, I am excited to announce we will be running ‘return to training’ online sessions for all of our recreational members!

As we move closer and closer to returning to training, it is essential that our gymnasts are physically and mentally ready to avoid potential injury or unnecessary stress. These sessions will be geared towards physical preparation, body management and basic gymnastics skills AND working towards achieving our British Gymnastics proficiency award badges – all tied in with some fun activities and interactions. Our team are absolutely delighted to start interactions with you all again ready for a return.

These sessions will be run by our most experienced Head Coaches, and will be age and level related. We encourage ALL of our members to sign up to this as phase one of our return to training plan!

If you want your child to be a part of these sessions please e mail us with your child’s name and which class they attend to office@southessexgym.co.uk

Once you have e mailed and confirmed your participations our admin team will adjust your direct debit, and the Head coach (Holly.adams@southessexgym.co.uk for gymschool at BSV, Kayleigh.peak@southessexgym.co.uk for gymschool at Eversley and emma.rapley@southessexgym.co.uk for all pre school) will e mail you to arrange your sessions and to give you the link and instructions of how to participate. You will also receive our risk assessment and safety measures to read through for training at home. If you participate in circus 1 hour classes one of the above Head Coaches will contact you direct too.

These sessions will commence from Monday 13th July and will continue weekly until we are able to return to training.

We will be charging  50% of your fees for these sessions, however you will gain access to 100% of your / your child’s hours. The first DD run will be on the 1st July for those who sign up, but will only be charged for the remainder of July, and then the full amount (all discounted at 50%) from then on. Anyone joining later will be charged a prorated amount for the remainder of that month, and direct debit payments will commence from the 1stof the following month.

Please note – this will not affect the sessions we owe you for April (if you continued payment). These will still be made up in the gym when we are able to return safely – and we cannot wait to have you back! The ‘thank you’ gifts are also on the way!

Thank you for all of your support and patience at this difficult time.