SEGC artistic girls start season with five titles in Ipswich

THERE were five titles and nine top-three spots for South Essex at the Miss Quatro Jewel Of the South competition this month.

It was the first competition of the year for SEGC’s artistic girls and took place over the weekend of March 3-5.

Sarah Coker won in National Grade 3, Maggie-May Shepherd in National Grade 4, Scarlett Edge in Club Grade 5, Lois Drummond in Club Grade 6 and Emma Coombs in Regional Grade 4.

And their were runner-up finishes for Kristi Mia Walker in Regional Grade 4, Teagan Newcombe in Regional Grade 4 (10 & 11 year age group) and Tia Basi in Club Grade 5.

Elise De Boos was third overall in Regional Grade 3.

Tyler Barnard (Regional Grade 2), Charlotte Cassidy (National Grade 3), Eve Page (National Grade 4), Darcie Meechan (Regional Grade 4), Mia Walsh (Grade 4), Grace Reed (Club Grade 5), Isabel Cartwright (Club Grade 5, 10 years-old age group) and Billie Masser (Regional Grade 3) also competed very well.

Pictured above, left to right: Emma Coombs, Teagan Newcombe, Maggie-May Shepherd, Scarlett Edge, Tia Basi, Lois Drummond, Kristi Mia Walker, Elise Be Boos and Sarah Coker.