Rhythmic girls wait to hear about British qualification

SOUTH ESSEX girls are waiting to find out if they have booked spots at the Rhythmic British Championship at the end of July.

A number of seniors and juniors took part in the British Open Championships and Group Seeding event between March 17-18 at Fenton Manor in Stoke-on-Trent.

Rebecca Bunce, the club’s assistant head of women’s artistic and rhythmic gymnastics, said: “We are now currently waiting to see which groups have qualified for level 3, 4 or 5.

“Level 5 groups will compete at the British Championships.”

Full results:

Rebecca Wright (Seniors): Hoop – 19th, Ball – 11th, Clubs – 16th
Jade Woollard (Juniors): Ball – 14th, Clubs – 19th, Ribbon – 7th
Connie Miller (Juniors): Ball – 16th, Clubs – 24th, Ribbon – 25th

Espoir Groups –
Purple: Josslyn Miller, Louise Imamzade, Rhiann Richardson and Isobel Connah – T10th
Rainbow: Katie Bardwell, Isla Sewell-Moore, Louisa Duff and Francesca Foster – T10th
Blue: Hollie Dawes, Indiah Sandy, Betsy Miller, Lily-Rose Doel and Sophie Ablitt – 22nd

Junior Groups –
Pink: Connie Miller, Zoe Harrison, Drew Castle, Jade Woollard & Emily Hardy – 2nd
Red: Kiera Tyler, Olivia Ansah, Olivia Beech, Alicia Barnes & Abigail Merchant – 20th

Senior Group –
Rebecca Wright, Keira Miller, Sophie Michalaki, Maiya Butler and Zoey Broadbent – 6th