Dear Parents / Guardians


South Essex Gymnastics Club will be providing Gymschool & Preschool one-hour gymnastics session once again via zoom during the upcoming National lockdown period.  These will commence from 11th January 2021 through until 28th 2021 inclusive.


These sessions will be on a pay as you go basis and will have no effect on your fees. Each session will cost £5.00 and will need to be booked in advance. 


Each session will be designed to keep the children active and engaged with different gymnastics activities e.g warm up, stretching, strength & conditioning, shapes, basic gymnastics (what can be done safely in these conditions), cool down and some fun and games.


We hope to see you all taking part in these sessions and staying active during these difficult times and staying prepared to get back in the gym fit and healthy.


If you wish to take part in any of these sessions, please click on the link below, this will take you to an online portal where you can book and pay for a session. Once you are on the web page, click on ‘forgotten password’ to be sent your log in details and set up your PIN.  The sessions you can book into will come under the heading of GYMSCHOOL or PRESCHOOL


If you have any difficulties with logging in, please call or text Maria on 07908 572920 between

9-12pm Monday to Friday.


We hope to see you all back in the gym soon.


Stay safe.