Biggest Pre-School and Gym School events taking place in May

SEGC will be hosting its biggest-ever Pre-School Display and Gym School Competition this month.

The Pre-School event will feature about 300 gymnasts in an event which will take place in the club’s main gym at the Basildon Sporting Village between 9am and 6pm on Sunday, May 14.

The BSV leisure centre has an event booked for the same day so please be aware the car park may be especially busy.

And more than 400 youngsters will showcase their skills at the Gym School Competition during five staggered sessions between 10.45am and 8.30pm on Sunday, May 21.

Up to 250 spectators are expected to be in attendance for each of the sessions and parents will have to queue outside the entrance to the club for their session.

Tickets for both events can only be bought in advance from the SEGC office and cost £5 for adults and £2.50 for children.

SEGC’s Events Manager Cara Noble said: “We have more of our gymnasts taking part in these two events this year than we have ever had before, which is great news.

“This is down to increased class sizes and continued high levels of interest in the sessions we offer here at SEGC.”