Eight medals for SEGC girls at county grades

SOUTH ESSEX picked up five silver medals and three bronze at the Essex County Grades 1-6 in June.

All 59 of the club’s girls in action passed their grades with distinction, which was a huge achievement.

There were second places for Kristi Mia Walker, Cleo Edgell, Catllin Collins, Annabelle Baker and Anna Kisil, and third-placed finishes for Jasmin Carr, Shelby With and Ellie Cowell.


GRADE 1: (All passed) Ruby Rose Carr, Elizabeth Phillips, Olivia Church, Millie Gutch, Iliana Rivas, Chloe Allen, Emily Hillwood, Melody Barton, Katie-Rose Hawtree, Daisy Legg, Harriet Fuller, Alyssa Price, Amber Rea Daniells, Laney Shipman, Elisha Stevenson, Katherine Knatchbull, Georgia Stuart-Evans, Isabelle Ebsworth, Bella Bailey.

GRADE 2: (Second) Kristi Mia Walker. (Passed) Louisa Williams, Francesca White, Tegan Partis, Ellie Dorman, Olivia Woods, Isabel Dowson, Sophie Cleaver and Macey Marra.

GRADES 3-6: 11+ AGE GROUP: (Second) Cleo Edgell. (Passed) Rebecca Lacey, Katie Holmes, Megan Watts, Tiger Lily House, Rebecca Armstrong-Payne, Ellie Oakes. 9-10 AGE GROUP:  (Second) Catllin Collins. (COMPETING) Imogen Dorili, Rianna Gazzard, Grace Feeney.

GRADE 4: (Second) Annabelle Baker. (Third) Jasmin Carr. (Passed) Kayleigh Ganney, Francesca Taiani, Daisy Dumontier-Marrage, Evie Ridges, Olivia Beech, Jaden Acton, Isabelle Urand, Brooke Fuller, Lucy Cowman.

GRADE 5: (Third) Shelby With. (Passed) Maisy Cockerill, Maise Spence.

GRADE 6: (Second) Anna Kisil. (Third) Ellie Cowell. (Passed) Emma Hounsell, Bethan Turvey, Lauren Hill, Jodie Scales.