Dozen podium spots at Rose Cup

THERE were a dozen top three finishes for South Essex gymnasts at the eighth annual Rose Cup in Northampton on the weekend.

It was a terrific result for the club’s rhythmic section at a well-attended competition at the Weavers Leisure Centre in Wellingborough.

South Essex’s head coach for rhythmic gymnastics Verity Adams said: “Our coaches Holly and Danielle worked really hard in the lead up to the competition and on the day. And they should be really proud of themselves, their team work and their gymnasts.”


Isolbel Connah 7th in Under-8 Free (Level 1)
Kayley Santiago 8th in Under-8 Free (Level 1)
Katie Bardwell 3rd Under-8 Hoop (Level 1)
Francesca Foster, Louise Imamzade and Josslyn Miller 1st Espoir Free Trio (Level 3)
Louisa Duff 3rd Under-10 Rope (Level 3)
Isla Sewell-Moore 5th Under-10 Rope (Level 3)
Francesca Foster 6th Under-10 Rope (Level 3)
Alicia Barnes 3rd Under-10 Hoop (Level 3)
Chloe Adams 1st Senior Hoop (Level 2)
Sveva Bartolini 2nd Under-12 Ball (Level 1)
Francesca Foster 1st Under-10 Free (Level 3)
Louisa Duff 2nd Under-10 Free (Level 3)
Isla-Sewell-Moore 4th Under-10 Free (Level 3)
Alicia Barnes 5th Under 10 Free (Level 3)
Olivia Carter 1st Senior Hoop (Level 1)
Drew Castle 2nd Under-12 Ball (Level 2)
Josslyn Miller 1st Under-8 Free (Level 3)
Louise Imamzade 3rd Under-8 Free (Level 3)
Andriani Karvounopoulou 3rd Junior Ribbon (Level 1)