Hann proud of South Essex trio’s displays at World Championships


SCOTT HANN was delighted with the performances of all three South Essex Gymnastics Club gymnasts  at the 2018 World Championships in Doha.

British duo Max Whitlock and Brinn Bevan and Jamaica team star Reiss Beckford again represented the Basildon-based club with distinction at the highest level of the sport.

Reiss (pictured above) was competing at his third World Championships, but as a member of the Jamaican national team for the first time.

Along with team-mates Stephen Lewis and Caleb Faulkner, Reiss was attempting to qualify for the team final.

He scored 8.9 on pommel, 13.2 on rings then 13.0, 12.7, 12.1 and 13.1 on the vault, parallel bars, high bars and floor, respectively, for an all around total of 73.4.

Scott said: “Next year Reiss is going to turn 27 and this sport always gets a bit tougher when you are pushing towards that age.

“And Reiss works full-time to fund his gymnastics otherwise he would not be able to do these major events. So just for him to be there is a huge achievement and I am really proud of him.

“And I’m proud of him being part of that history-making Jamaican team having a team at their first-ever world championships.

“Reiss made a few errors out there and I’m sure will be a bit disappointed with some of them but it is a journey and a stepping stone to getting to that all-important 2020 Olympic Games.”


British champion Brinn (pictured above) was 18th in the all-around final after his late call up in October following a finger injury for Nile Wilson.

Brinn and Max along with James Hall, Dom Cunningham and Joe Fraser also put in an excellent performance for fifth in the team final.

Scott said: “Brinn has had a tough couple of years with injury since Rio with injury after injury and this was supposed to be a rebuilding year and getting back into it.

“So I was delighted with his selection as a reserve because it meant he could travel, get that experience and start being back with the team. And I know he was too.

“Then with Nile’s injury he meant he was put in the team and I think he put quite a lot of pressure on himself.

“But he did a fantastic job with his routines with some of the highest scores in the team which is great for the future.

“There were a few mistakes too, which is inevitable when you are coming back into it.

“But overall I’m pleased with him and proud of him doing the best job he could do and now I’m looking forward to getting him back in the gym and working towards the next set of targets.”


Max  (pictured above) just missed out on a third successive world pommel title as he took silver behind China’s Xiao Ruoteng.

He had the same points total as Xiao’s 15.166 but was denied gold because he had a lower execution mark.

Scott said: “We are over the moon with Max’s result. Yes, we’re a little bit disappointed with the count-back ruling he came second but he has recorded the same score as the world champion.

“And it says something that you are disappointed to be second in the world. And if you look at the bigger picture it is a fantastic result.

“His routine is great but he had one small error. He was going for a bigger routine but on his second skill he had a bit of a wobble and made the decision to quickly carry on , which was a good decision.

“And in the end it was that one tenth – the same one tenth that won him the world title in 2015 that has cost him in 2018.

“But this is competition at world level and it was the Chinese we were up against, who we never thought we’d get anywhere near. So we are over the moon he has gone out there and done his job.”

Scott also praised the incredible impact of Simone Biles on the sport as the 21-year-old American become the first gymnast to win 13 World titles.

He added: “You can compare her to someone of the men’s said like Kohei Uchimura, except maybe she is even better.

“She is an out-and-out athlete and what she brings to sport is not just that she is just light years ahead of anybody else, it is her attitude towards it and her attitude towards women and young girls in sport.

“And after what she has been though in recent years to come out of it the way she has and do wonders for out sport is just incredible and she is a real role model.

“And what is really exciting is I think she might be coming to us next year for a day or two when she does the Superstars of Gymnastics so I hope we’ll get an opportunity to meet her at some point.”