Four SEGC teams win gold at county competition



SOUTH ESSEX were crowned team champions in four levels of the Essex County Teams competition.

Five teams of five from the club entered at the event on Sunday, October 29, and they competed at Levels 5, 4, 3 and FIG.

The Level 5 group of Tia Basi, Elsie Shepherd, Lois Drummond, Ocean Raine Ross and Lily Brice took gold with ab overall team score of 139.40.

At Level 4, Grace Reed, Tegan Newcombe, Darcie Meechan, Scarlett Edge and Elsie De Boos were winners with 136.95, and an SEGC quintet of Maggie Smith, Mia Walsh, Isabel Cartwright, Olivia Cartwright, Vivian Jaiyesimi and Holly McDonagh were fourth.

The Level 3 team Sarah Coker, Sienna Goodwin, Eve Page and Maggie May Shepherd topped the podium with a score of 140.75.

And in FIG team of Violet Manser, Sorrell Kennedy Dyson, Sophie Goodman, Paige Moroney and Elise Adeyemo were overall champions with 140.75.