South Essex’s Rhythmic Gymnastics section is one of the club’s real success stories and continues to grow in terms of success and popularity under head coach Verity Adams.

Rhythmic Gymnastics is performed exclusively on a 13m x 13m floor area.

It is an elegant and graceful sport using ropes, hoops, balls, ribbons and clubs.

Competitors require the ability to dance as well as great co-ordination and control and flexibility. They have to combine elegant body-moves with intricate apparatus handling – and make it look easy!

Development Squads
Girls for these squads are selected by experienced coaches following an initial trial. The girls are chosen because they demonstrate natural physical requirements and potential.

Once in this squad the gymnasts follow a training programme designed to improve flexibility and coordination which will allow them to develop the required skills at a later stage. Regular attendance is very important for gymnasts in these squads.

Competition Squads
The squads are for selected gymnasts who wish to work towards taking part in competitions.

Gymnastics is a demanding sport and squad members and their families need to realise that entry into a squad requires enormous commitment.

In order to be successful a squad gymnasts will need to attend regularly, be committed to their training programme and develop a high level of self-discipline.