New Brevet judge Rebecca Bunce on panels in Canterbury and Birmingham

SOUTH ESSEX’S Rebecca Bunce has qualified as a Category 3 Brevet judge and was part of the judging panels at competitions in Canterbury and Birmingham in April.

The club’s Assistant Head of Women’s Artistic and Rhythmic Gymnastics completed a British Gymnastics course in Bulgaria in February and discovered in early April she has qualified to judge individual and group rhythmic competitions.

Rebecca (right) put her new skills to good use at the Canterbury Open on April 2, and at the Regional/Zonal Championships and National Grades competitions at the GMAC on April 9.

SEGC’s Head of Rhythmic Gymnastics Verity Adams said: “She did an absolutely brilliant job and the club are really proud to have our very own Brevet judge.”

South Essex also welcomed a new disability gymnast in late March as 16-year-old Katie O’Connor joined the club.

And Katie, who is partially blind, was immediately in competitive action for the club at the GMAC this month.

Verity said: “Katie is already fitting in really well with the other girls and has been top three in the British Championships in recent years.

“And on the back of her results in Birmingham we are hopeful she will get to the British Championships again this year.

“I really look forward to working with Katie from now on and we all  wish her the best of luck at our club.”

South Essex is now waiting on the results of British Qualification Testing.


Canterbury Group Open:
Espoir – Rainbows 1st, Purples 3rd, Blues 4th.
Junior – Pinks 2nd, Reds 3rd.
Senior – 2nd.

Zonal Championships:
Under-9s – Milana Bernands 2nd, Neve Turvey 3rd.
Under-10s – Rhiann Richardson 3rd, Isobel Connah 6th.
Under-12s – Evie Savage 1st, Rachel Lattimer 2nd, Josslyn Miller 5th, Emily Hardy 6th, Louise Imamzade 7th, Francesca Foster 8th, Isla Sewell-Moore 13th.
Juniors: Jade Woollard 3rd, Connie Miller 8th.
Seniors: Rebecca Wright 4th.
Disability: Katie O’Connor.

Zonal Grades:
Grade 4 – Milana Bernands 2nd, Neve Turvey 3rd.
Grade 5 – Rhiann Richardson 3rd, Isobel Connah 6th.
Grade 6 – Josslyn Miller 3rd, Louise Imamzade 4th.
Grade 7 – Evie Savage 1st, Rachel Lattimer 2nd, Emily Hardy 3rd, Francesca Foster 4th, Isla Sewell-Moore 6th.
Grade 9 – Jade Woollard 3rd, Connie Miller 6th,
Grade 10 – Rebecca Wright 4th.
Grade 10 Disability – Katie O’Connor.

Regional Championships:
Under-9s – Milana Bernands 1st, Neve Turvey 2nd.
Under-10s – Rhiann Richardson 2nd, Isobel Connah 3rd.
Under-12s – Evie Savage 1st, Rachel Lattimer 2nd, Josslyn Miller 3rd, Emily Hardy 4th, Louise Imamzade 5th, Francesca Foster 6th, Isla Sewell-Moore 7th.
Juniors – Jade Woollard 1st, Connie Miller 2nd.
Seniors – Rebecca Wright 1st, Katie O’Connor 2nd.