Five South Essex Rhythmic teams qualify for national competitions

FIVE of South Essex’s Rhythmic teams have qualified for national competitions with results at the British Open in Stoke in March – with the Juniors and two Espoir groups also booking a spot at the British Championships.

Juniors Zoey Broadbent, Connie Miller, Jade Woollard, Lucy Imamzade and Drew Castle have also qualified for the three meetings of the Elite League in 2016 after finishing second out of 18 teams at Fenton Manor.

The Senior team of Keira Miller, Kiera Martinson, Maiya Butler, Rebecca Wright and Chloe Adams also booked their participation in this year’s Elite League.

Three South Essex Espoir teams also acquitted themselves brilliantly in Stoke.

The Blue group of Alicia Barnes, Isla Sewell-Moore, Louisa Duff and Francesca Foster, and the Purple team of Josslyn Miller, Louisa Imamzade, Rachel Lattimer and Emily Hardy have qualified for the British Championships and the Elite League.

The Rainbow group of Katie Bardwell, Olivia Ansah, Olivia Beech and Zoe Harrison are through to the National League.