Five SEGC girls pass British testing and great results at regional comp


MILAN BERNANS, Isobel Connah, Rhiann Richardson, Josslyn Miller, and Rachel Lattimer all passed their British Qualification Testing for 2018.

The SEGC rhythmic quintet all worked extremely hard for a positive result during the tests in Birmingham in early February and all have now qualified for the English Championships later in the year.

The girls are now eagerly waiting to see if they have also qualified for British Championships.

The club also had terrific results at the National Grades, Regional Championships and Zonal Championships on Sunday,
March 25.

SEGC Head of Rhythmic Verity Adams said: “Connie Miller and Louise Imamzade were our stand-out stars of the day. They both exceeded all expectations with some really fantastic routines.

“And Katie O’Conner, who has been with the club for one year, competed in the disability section.

Katie has worked tirelessly in the gym to compete at this competition with the hope of competing at the 2018 British Championships.

“She has shown great bravery and commitment, making the most amazing improvement and really excelling in all she has done.”



Ava Waller: Under-9 – 1st
Milana Bernans: Under-10 – 1st
Neve Turvey: Under-10 – 2nd
Josslyn Miller: Under-12 – 1st
Isobel Connah: Under-12 – 2nd
Rhiann Richardson: Under-12 – 3rd
Louise Imamzade: Under-12 – 4th
Rachel Lattimer: Junior – 1st
Connie Miller: Junior – 2nd
Emily Hardy: Junior – 4th
Rebecca Wright: Senior – 1st
Jade Woollard: Senior – 2nd
Katie O’Conner Disability 1st


Ava Waller: Under-9 – 2nd
Milana Bernans Under 10 1 st
Neve Turvey: Under-10 – 4th
Josslyn Miller: Under-12 – 3rd
Isobel Connah: Under-12 – 6th
Rhiann Richardson: Under-12 – 7th
Louise Imamzade: Under-12 – 10th
Rachel Lattimer: Junior – 5th
Connie Miller: Junior – 6th
Emily Hardy: Junior – 13th
Rebecca Wright: Senior – 3rd
Jade Woollard: Senior – 4th
Katie O’Conner: Disability – 1st