We are super excited to offer our all new ‘pay as you go’ online sessions. We have a whole variety of classes to help you, such as strength and conditioning, endurance, flexibility, core, choreography, dance, handstand and many more.

Due to CV-19 we have adapted them to help us through the lockdown period, but we hope that the gymnasts will find these useful to help them throughout their gymnastics journey.

Please also see our special family sessions and exciting adult work out sessions. Please get involved as our wonderful team are set and ready to help.


If you wish to take part in any of these sessions, please click on the BOOK NOW button above, this will take you to an online portal where you can book and pay for a session. Once you are on the web page, click on ‘forgotten password’ to be sent your log in details and set up your PIN.  The sessions you can book into will come under the heading of Discipline here.