Five South Essex champions at Miss Quattro event


SEGC had five champions at the Miss Quattro competition over the first weekend in March as they warmed up for their Grades.

Overall gold medals went to Tyler Barnard (Regional Grade 1),  Olivia Murray (Club Grade 6), Eva Simpson Cook (Club
Grade 6), Emma Coombs (Regional Grade 3) and Olivia Cartwright (Regional Grade 2).

There were silvers for Paige Moroney (Espoir) and Darcie Meechan (Regional Grade 3).

And there were bronze medals for Ellie Bates (Regional Grade 1) and Teagan Newcombe (Regional Grade 3).

Maggie Smith was fourth at Club Grade 5, Daisy O’Connor fifth at
Grade 6, Holly McDonagh sixth in Regional Grade 3, Grace Cooper fifth in Regional Grade 1, and Vivian Jaiyesimi and Billie Masser were also in action for the club.

* Pictured above, from front to back: Eva Stimpson Cook, Paige Moroney, Olivia Murray, Olivia Cartwright, Teagan Newcombe, Emma Coombs, Darcie Meechan and Tyler Barnard.